6th Grade Academics Overview

English Language Arts: Reading literature and informational text to focus on comprehension, oral language, word study, reading, and writing arguments to support claims, narratives to develop events, and informative/explanatory texts to analyze relevant content
Mathematics: Fractions, decimals, percents, algebra - solving for one variable, geometry - area and surface area, and statistics - representing and analyzing data
Science: Learning about variables and how they impact science investigations, weather and water, heat transfer - radiation, conduction, and convection, and an introduction to planetary science
Social Studies: Students will study the ancient civilizations of Africa, Asia, India, and Europe from economic and geographic points of view.
Teachers: John Durr, Mandy Fravel, Patrick Herman, Jackie Hollar, Katy Kashmer, Kim Malone, Alyssa Miller, Shavon Privetts, Nicole Remchuk, Rachel Schoonover, Paige Smith, Pam Snyder, Dayna Telech, Patricia Wandell



Horseheads Intermediate School

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Phone:  607-739-6366
Fax:       607-795-2495
Grades:  5-6
Hours:    8:25am - 2:25pm

Michael Bostwick, Principal

Robin Doubrava, Assistant Principal

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