6th Grade Academics Overview

English Language Arts: Reading literature and informational text to focus on comprehension, oral language, word study, reading, and writing arguments to support claims, narratives to develop events, and informative/explanatory texts to analyze relevant content
Mathematics: Fractions, decimals, percents, algebra - solving for one variable, geometry - area and surface area, and statistics - representing and analyzing data
Science: Learning about variables and how they impact science investigations, weather and water, heat transfer - radiation, conduction, and convection, and an introduction to planetary science
Social Studies: Students will study the ancient civilizations of Africa, Asia, India, and Europe from economic and geographic points of view.
Teachers: Nicole Bennett, Kaitlyn Carroll, Vincent Delgrosso, Jessica Dotts, Carly Hays, Kerry Ike, Patricia Keenan, Stephanie Lewis, Cindy Marcellus, Stephanie May, Kirsten Mucci, Amy Rial, Jamie Van Zile

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