Horseheads Extra-Curricular Activities


The purpose of this guide is to inform you of the activities available and to encourage you to participate in any activity that is of interest to you. Certainly, an outstanding feature of our school is the number and wide range of student activities.


Middle School

National Junior Honor Society

Horseheads Middle School established a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society in March of 2000. The seventh and eighth grade students inducted into this prestigious group demonstrated exemplary citizenship, character, service and leadership, as well as academic excellence. Just being nominated for the Society is an honor. It means that a student has already met very high standards for three semesters of academic achievement, holding a cumulative average in core subjects of at least 90 percent, and that he or she has had no serious or repeated problems in behavior.

They may tutor fellow students at the Middle School, help out at the Intermediate School, act as "guides" for new students, raise funds and collect goods to help out local charities, "adopt" a needy family during the holidays, and perform other service projects to benefit the community.


Science Olympiad

All students are eligible to join this group. The purpose is to stimulate curiosity and interest in science and technology. From September to February, students meet between one and three days a week after school. During this time, they form small teams and, working with teachers, create technology and science oriented projects. A regional competition is held in February among several area schools.


Enrichment Activities

Quiz Bowl takes place in January each year. It involves both a seventh and an eighth grade team of students. Teams work together to answer 100 questions correctly in one fast-paced hour of fun using the computer.

Scholastic Challenge happens in March and is a timed contest open to eighth graders across the state. In this pencil and paper competition, nominees work individually to answer 100 questions covering a wide range of topics from academic subjects, current events and trivia.


Clubs and Sports:

The Middle School has a number of clubs and activities. Opportunities include Student Council, School Store, Yearbook Club, Library, Technology Guild, and more. Our students are also encouraged to participate in a wide variety of interscholastic sports.