Horseheads High School
Languages Other Than English
(Foreign Language Department)

The Horseheads High School Foreign Language Department is a continuation of the study that begins in the Middle School. We offer French and Spanish.

In grades 9-12, students have the opportunity to continue their language studies through level 5. At the end of Level III students take the New York State Regents Examination. Levels IV and V are college credit courses through Corning Community College.

Our teachers have lived, studied, and traveled extensively in the countries of the languages they teach. Our language teachers bring authentic experiences and enthusiasm for the language and culture to their classes. The language department utilizes technology extensively to enhance instruction and to give students more opportunities to communicate with others and to acquire a better cultural understanding of world communities.

For examples of some of the technology available to our language students, we invite you to interact with the following links:

The Foreign Language Department is committed to district's mission and dedicated to implementing the following New York State learning standards in our ongoing efforts to maximize student success.

Standard 1: Communication Skills

Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication.

Standard 2: Cultural Understanding

Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings.


Teachers: Tiffany Bratz, Kate Carpenter, Kelli Fesetch, Susan Scott, Anselmo Vicioso



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