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Grade 7 Health is a New York State course required for all seventh grade middle school students. The seventh grade health curriculum is designed to assist students in demonstrating the New York State Learning Standards for Health, Physical Education and Home Economics: Personal Health and Fitness, Safe and Healthy Environment, Resource Management.

The one-semester course focuses on wellness and asserts that health is a matter of individual responsibility and personal choices. Grade 7 Health provides a variety of decision-making tools and skills along with student knowledge, understanding, and a sense of personal values. The goal is to empower students to choose a life-long healthy lifestyle.

The course curriculum includes units on wellness (the importance of health, hygiene, and sleep), decision-making, home and personal safety, role models/heroes, peer pressure, mental and emotional health (the brain, healthy expression and understanding of emotions, anger management, depression, suicide), substance use/abuse (alcohol, tobacco, other drugs), and human physiology. There is an optional educational alternative to the human physiology component if there are parental objections.


Teachers: Meghan Frisbie, Jeff Gush



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