Horseheads Middle School


Grade 7 and 8 Art

Art teachers at the Middle School level instruct students using Discipline Based Art Education curriculum. This includes not only art production, but also teaching art history, art aesthetics, and art criticism. Students are assessed using a performance based rubric. Projects include two and three-dimensional design with various media.


Grade 7 Accelerated Art

Students who have previously been identified as meeting course criteria are eligible for Grade 7 Accelerated Art. This course offers eligible students the opportunity to accelerate their art instruction. The course covers seventh-grade art during the first semester and eighth-grade art during the second semester. Successful completion of this course completes the requirements needed for eligibility for Studio in Art.


Studio in Art

This class provides eligible eighth-grade students the opportunity to fulfill their High School art credit requirement. Students produce two- and three-dimensional works in a variety of media while exploring the elements and principles of art.


Teachers: Scott Cunningham, Kathy Kendall



Horseheads Middle School

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Grades:  7-8
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Ron Holloway, Principal

Rance Sechrist , Assistant Principal

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