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Technology Education


The goal of the Middle School Technology Education Department is to give real life, hands-on experiences with tools, machines, materials and methods of the current world of work. It's "where education comes alive."

Students take one semester (1/2 year) of technology in both grades 7 and 8. At grade seven, the units are Computer Technology and Engineering Technology. At grade 8, the units are Manufacturing Technology, and Control Technology.


Computer Technology:

This unit is designed to allow students the opportunity to learn about and experience various practical uses for computers and the internet. Students will work individually at a computer workstation. They will use four programs: word processing, desktop publishing, Excel Spreadsheet, and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to complete a name tag, title page, memo pad, grade spreadsheet, and architectural drawing. The students also get a secure supervised E-mail account which they use to communicate with instructor and parents.


Engineering Technology:

The Engineering unit is designed to allow students the opportunity to learn about and experience engineering concepts. Students will learn about various forces and how they apply to structures, as well as the Laws of Motion and how they apply to transportation. Each student is expected to design, run computer simulations and eventually build scale models.


Manufacturing Technology:

This unit is designed to allow students the opportunity to learn about and experience the various methods and materials that drive Technology. Students will work in pairs to design and solve a technical problem and produce a product. Each design team is expected to design, complete and test their product.


Control Technology:

This unit is a hands-on unit that includes projects using a CAD program to show 3-D images of the project before they make them. Students can choose the kinds of projects they'd like to make, including creating a robot that can go down a ramp, pick up an object, then go back up the ramp. Students can also make and launch an air racer with their own design. They can also design and manufacture a clock, picture frame, or other object using a drawing program and CNC machine. Projects are graded on craftsmanship, completion, work habits, safety habits, and ability to follow directions and criteria.


Student Responsibilities

  • Observe all safety rules.
  • Complete Assigned class and project work.
  • Complete assigned homework on time.
  • Organize and maintain a Technology folder.
  • See instructor for make-up of homework of quizzes immediately upon return from absences.
  • Attend class prepared, with pencil, paper, folder, homework, etc.
  • Notify instructor before going to a music lesson.


Teachers: Chaston Brightman, Sarah Cerroni, Brian Steele



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