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Technology is a priority in the Horseheads district. Our students have the opportunity to learn in classrooms with the latest computer equipment, software, and other devices. They also learn from teachers who integrate technology into their instruction. To assist our teachers, we have instructional technology specialists working with them to bring technology to life in their classrooms. We also provide training sessions on the latest instructional technology, as well as resources for searching for lesson and project ideas. This section describes our instructional technology program, and includes information on our specialists, sample resources available, and search engines. Feel free to explore this section to see just a sample of the many things our teachers and students are doing technologically. If you have questions about instructional technology, e-mail us at



Instructional Technology Specialists are dedicated to helping teachers integrate technology into their teaching and learning. Here are some ways that they work with teachers to make the most of their computer resources:

  • Introduce new software products
  • Help discover new ways to use favorite software
  • Help use the Internet to find terrific teaching resources, collaborate both locally and globally with other teachers, and communicate with others
  • Facilitate the use of peripheral devices such as digital cameras and camcorders, scanners, printers, scan converters, document cameras, electronic responders, interactive white boards, and many other non-traditional technology tools.
  • Assist with classroom-to-classroom collaborations or connect students to a science center, living history museum, zoo or content specialist via videoconference
  • Provide support in the classroom while teachers teach units or lessons that integrate technology. This may include training, an extra pair of hands, or help with research
  • Distribute information about Internet based, BOCES, and other electronic resources to supplement teaching
  • Offer assistance in meeting teachers’ professional development needs


Specialists also assist schools with the following:

  • Sharing information at faculty, department, or grade-level meetings
  • Creating customized staff development offerings
  • Designing school or classroom web pages
  • Making recommendations for hardware and software purchases


Our specialists (mouse over their names for more information) are:

David Mayotte

David Mayotte
(607) 739-5601, ext. 4250

Matt Middlebrook

Matt Middlebrook
(607) 739-5601, ext. 4237



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