Audits and Corrective Action Plans


Public school districts in New York State are audited each year by an external auditor, and at various times by the New York State Comptroller’s Office on topics such as financial condition, tax cap calculation, cost savings and revenue enhancements, internal controls, and information technology. Below are the most recent audits for the Horseheads Central School District, along with corrective action plans if necessary.


2016-17 External Audit Report
      Corrective Action Plan

2016-17 Extraclassroom Audit Report
      Corrective Action Plan

2016-17 Single Audit Report
      Corrective Action Plan

State Comptroller Audit
      Corrective Action Plan

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Katy Buzzetti
School Business Administrator

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Horseheads Central School District

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Dr. Thomas J. Douglas
Superintendent of Schools


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