Horseheads Elementary
Music Program

Through music, students can learn important life lessons such as cooperation, perseverance, self-discipline and creative expression. All students attend music class. Students in fourth grade have the opportunity to take lessons on a string, brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument and to participate in chorus.

Students have 30-40 minute music classes twice in the six-day schedule. Music lessons are planned to develop musical, social and personal skills in a way that challenges the students. Much of the learning is done through hands-on activities, and is often reiterated through small group work. A typical lesson consists of a combination of the following: singing, rhythm instruments, music theory, concentrated listening, keyboard instruments, composition, sign language, dancing, recorders, and cooperative learning.

Chorus is offered to students in fourth grade who enjoy singing and performing. During the school year, there will be choral performances. Rehearsals take place during the six-day cycle.

Orchestra and/or band instruments are also offered to students in fourth grade who may have an interest in this area. Students are given lessons in small groups during the school day. During the school year, there will be performances for each group of instruments.



Teachers: Holly Hamilton, Zach Hamilton, Kayla Kuhns, Margaret Matthews, Rachel Proulx



Horseheads Central School District

One Raider Lane
Horseheads, NY 14845

Dr. Thomas J. Douglas
Superintendent of Schools


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