It is essential that each child experience both challenge and success from school activities. To this end, the district will make every effort to place each student in the most appropriate learning level for a successful educational experience.


Early Identification/Intervention

Classroom teachers are expected to make every effort to identify early those students at risk of failing. The Building Principal and the parents/guardian must be notified promptly if retention is anticipated, and a special support program shall be designed for each child identified as in danger of failing. Such support services may include, but are not limited to, individualized assistance before, during or after the school day; remedial classes; a change in instructional treatment, and, where appropriate, referral to the Committee on Special Education for evaluation.



No student will be retained without an appropriate educational plan defining what will occur that is instructionally different for the student. Once the educational plan has been implemented, the student will be monitored regularly. The educational plan will be revised until the student demonstrates acceptable performance.


The following provisions shall apply to promotion and placement decisions:

  1. No student promotion or placement decision for grades three through eight shall be based solely on student performance on the ELA or Mathematics State assessments;
  2. Student assessment scores may be considered as a measure of student performance only if the decision making process uses multiple measures of assessments and data in addition to the State assessments and the State assessments are only a minor factor in the promotion/placement decision;
  3. In making promotion and placement decisions, the school will consider in class performance, teacher observation, homework, input of the parent, social and emotional needs as well as any other applicable measures, other than State assessments;
  4. The final decision regarding placement and promotion is the decision of the building administrator;
  5. The above provisions shall expire on December 31, 2018 unless the underlying legislation is renewed by the New York State Legislature.



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