Registering/Enrolling Children for School


The Horseheads Central School District is dedicated to meeting the needs of all children in the district. Please note that in order to attend Horseheads schools, the child's legal, primary residence must be in the district.

We accept new students throughout the school year. To register a child or children for school, parents must visit the school the child(ren) will attend. We require that parents complete several forms and provide additional documentation to register children for school.


Links to the required forms are below. Parents are asked to print and complete the forms, and bring them with you to register. If a parent cannot print the forms, each school has copies, so parents may complete them when you visit the school. Parents should also read the informational letters below the forms.


Household forms - parents need only complete one of each of these forms, regardless of how many children they are registering:


Student forms - parents should complete one form for each child they are registering:


If your child participated in interscholastic athletics in his or her previous school and would like to continue, please complete this form:


Additionally, parents are asked to click the links below to read about important information prior to their children starting school:


To register a child for school, we must have the following documents:

  • Original birth certificate, a certified copy with a raised seal, or a record of baptism giving the date of birth. Should the above documentation not be available, a passport (including a foreign passport) may be used to determine a child's age.
  • Up-to-date record of immunizations and health certificate/physical from licensed physician.
  • Two forms of proof of residency within the district. We accept the following forms of proof:
    • Driver's license or state or other government issued ID card with photo showing current address.
    • Bank contract or mortgage agreement showing purchase of home with name and address
    • Most recent utility bill (NYSEG, phone, cable)
    • Currently active bank statement or pay stub (you may black out account and salary information) showing name and address
    • Signed rent or lease agreement
    • Change of address verification from the Post Office
    • Income tax forms
    • Voter registration documents
    • Documents issued by federal, state, or local agencies (e.g. local social service agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement)
    • Evidence of custody of the child, including but not limited to judicial custody orders or guardianship papers


      If the purchase of a home is in progress, we will temporarily accept a letter from a realtor with confirmed closing date of the purchase of a home in the district, with no contingencies such as sale being contingent on selling another home.
  • If the child's parents or legal guardians are divorced or separated are not residing together, documentation must be provided that demonstrates that the registering parent has legal physical custody and how legal physical custody was obtained.

Falsification of any information or documents required for this verification will result in revocation of registration for the student(s).


Which elementary school?

Our elementary schools, which include grades K-4, are set up by area, so if you are unsure of the elementary school your child would attend, please click here to find the street and school or call our Transportation Department at (607) 739-5601, x8-4501.



Children who are five years old on or before December 1 of the school year may be registered for kindergarten. Each school holds kindergarten registration sessions in the spring for the next school year. For the current year registration dates, please go to our calendar link at the top right of this page. Prior to the registration sessions, the school your child will attend will send you a letter notifying you of a date and time for registration. If you are new to the district, or you don't believe the district has your child's information, please send the child's name, date of birth, parents' names, address, and phone to For registration, you should bring your child and the required documents. The children will be screened in speech and hearing at registration.



The district has a pre-kindergarten program funded by a grant from the New York State Education Department. To be eligible, the student must be four years old on or before December 1 of that year, and the family must live in the Horseheads district. If the child is age-eligible for kindergarten, the state does not allow the child to be in pre-kindergarten.

We have full-day pre-kindergarten classes in each of our four elementary schools, as well as a half-day program at Ungvarsky's Daycare on Hatfield Street. All classes are taught by certified teachers. We do not provide transportation for pre-k students.

The grant allows a limited number of spots, so we use a lottery system to determine which children are enrolled in the program. Following registration, which is usually held in the spring, the district will draw names to see who will be enrolled. Parents may choose for their child to be in the lottery for the full-day, half-day, or both, but we cannot guarantee that the child will get into either option. The district will keep a waiting list if the program is full. Parents are advised that if for some reason the state does not continue pre-k funding, the district will not be able to provide the program.

The district will enter information on any child in your family, from age 1 to 4, as long as you live in the district. Please e-mail the district at to provide the required information for your child to be entered into our database. Send name, birth date, parents' name(s), address, and phone. If the parent has provided the district with their child’s information, the parent will receive a registration packet in the mail prior to registration. Please note that at registration, you will be required to provide the documents listed above.


Special Education Services/Programs

Chapter 434 of the New York State Education Law requires school districts to notify parents or persons in parental relation of their rights regarding the referral and evaluation of their child for the purposes of special education services or programs. This information can be found here. If you have further questions, please contact Kim Williams, Director of Student Services, at 607-739-5601, x4300.


Transferring from Another School

If you are moving into the district and have school-aged children, you may register your children as soon as you have established residency and have the required documents, including proof of residency. To register, visit the school which your child will attend. The school can request the child's information from the previous school.

Here are our schools' phone numbers:

*Please note: Our elementary schools, grades K-4, are set up by area. If you are unsure of the elementary school your child would attend, please click here to find the street and school or call our Transportation Department at (607) 739-5601, x8-4501.


Transferring to Another School District

Please use these forms when you are transferring your child to another school district. If you have questions, please contact your child’s current school.


More Information...

Karen McLain
Central Registrar

(607) 739-5601, x4251


If you have questions about registration or other topics regarding our schools, e-mail us at, or call the school your child will attend:



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