Horseheads Intermediate School


Name: The official name of our school is the Horseheads Intermediate School. It is notated as the IS on the District calendar.
Teams: Grades 5 and 6 operate as teams. Each team changes for at least two (2) academic subjects; the choice of which subjects is up to the individual teams.
Teacher Assignments: Students will receive notification of their teacher assignment approximately the second week of August.
Buses: Students are not on Middle/High School buses. Students are taken to an elementary school where some students may have to transfer to another bus for the Intermediate School. The afternoon buses leave directly from the Intermediate School for the majority of students.
Drop-Off/Pick-Up Sites: The front of the school is reserved for buses before school hours. Students can be dropped off out back by the field house no earlier than 7:45AM. Afternoon pick-up is in the art rooms. Parents should park in the upper front parking lot and enter the side of the building nearest the playground. Pick up time is 2:20-2:30 PM in the art rooms. Students must be signed out by an adult.
Time: The Intermediate time schedule is 8:25AM to 2:25PM.
PTO: The PTO meets one Tuesday of each month (generally the second Tuesday) at 6:30 PM in the library. They support our school in many ways including Family Nights and after-school clubs. We welcome volunteers for these activities and more. Student clubs vary from year to year. They have included newspaper, technology, drama, foreign language, math and more.
Code of Conduct: Students are expected to follow the district code of conduct, including:
  1. Dress appropriately for school and school functions.
  2. Accept responsibility for your actions.
  3. Act in a respectful, positive manner to direction given by teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.
  4. Contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly school environment that is conducive to learning and to show respect to others and to property.
Chorus: There are two (2) sections of 5th grade choir and two (2) sections of 6th grade choir. We also offer a select show choir in the second half of the school year for 6th grade students who wish to tryout.
Band: There are two (2) sections of 5th grade band and two (2) sections of 6th grade band. Students will still receive instrumental lessons during the school day.
Orchestra: There is one (1) section of 5th grade orchestra and one (1) section of 6th grade orchestra. Students still receive instrumental lessons during the school day.
Cafeteria: The IS and the MS have separate cafeterias. Breakfast and lunch are served for the Intermediate students in the cafeteria just like in the elementary schools. The only difference is that students choose their selection when they are in the lunch line, rather than in the morning. Students sit with their class during lunch.
Schedule: Classes are on a six-day cycle, as in our PreK-4 schools. During that cycle, students attend the following classes twice: physical education, music, and art. They go to the computer lab and the library once. Foreign languages, home and careers, and technology classes begin in grade 7 at the Middle School.
Physical Education: Students have the opportunity to use the field house as well as the MS/IS gym. Students do not change clothes for gym.
Library: Although the Intermediate and Middle School libraries occupy the same large area, they are separate libraries, with their own librarian. The Intermediate School has access to the reference materials of the Middle School Library. At the librarian's discretion and with her guidance, some students may be able to check out books from the Middle School Library.
Computers: The computer lab has 25 computers and several mobile labs. All classrooms have at least a couple of computers. Internet access is available on all computers. It is closely monitored.
Recess: Students have recess outside if the weather permits based on scheduled times.
Restrooms: Many classrooms have restrooms in the classroom. There are larger restrooms located in different areas in the hallways.
Morning Announcements:   There are morning announcements every day either over the PA system or broadcast on our televisions by WISH TV Club.
School Store: The Middle School Store, run by Middle School students, is available for Intermediate students during most lunch periods.
Lockers: There are not lockers in the Intermediate School.




Horseheads Intermediate School

952 Sing Sing Road
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone:  607-739-6366
Fax:       607-795-2495
Grades:  5-6
Hours:    8:25am - 2:25pm

Michael Bostwick, Principal

Robin Doubrava, Assistant Principal

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