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Welcome to Second Grade


The second grade program is based on a differentiated instructional approach to learning. We realize that each child is unique and is maturing at a different rate both physically and academically. Second grade is a year filled with great growth and achievement. We emphasize independent work habits, while stressing the need to be able to be a contributing member of a group. Cooperative learning, group instruction, small group tutoring or individual support are given to a child as they need it.


Our subject areas include:


English Language Arts: Our reading program is based upon the New York State Learning Standards. We use the Treasures reading series. Phonics, decoding, reading comprehension, and fluency through both fiction and non-fiction literature form the basis of our reading instruction. We also focused on teacher-directed and independent writing for various purposes and audiences.
Mathematics: The Go Math Program is our basis of instruction. Students learn to integrate basic math strategies into daily life through an instructional path that revisits concepts throughout the school year.
Science: The three basic areas of instruction are physical science, plants, and animals. We use a "hands-on" approach to help develop the scientific expertise of our students. We study air and weather, insects and plants, solids and liquids.
Social Studies: We emphasize that all people are part of a larger group, be it the family, neighborhood, community, state, or country. We talk about my community and other communities and the individual's ability to participate and produce benefits for the community, and we address basic American history as well.


Teachers: Julie Aquilio, Kim Holmes, Amy Lese, Sarah Potter



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